Don’t wait for the right moment to experience life

Social media has definitely taken over one’s life and has barely given anything in return. People are always watching other people’s happiness on social media. You’ve seen it before; 350 friends are getting married, having babies and are posting their cat’s favorite sleeping position.
But what about you, what are you doing?

Because a goal not written down is simply a wish

Wauw huh?! This is getting deep. And it should, we’re all talking about I have this and that on my bucketlist while none of you have a real physical list. That’s what WHATNEXT will change; a pocketsize, always growing, personal (private or shareable) bucketlist.

Don’t miss a thing

Remember your ’12 New Year’s resolutions, that you would skydive and see the Northern lights? No you don’t… because you didn’t write them down. WHATNEXT goes one step further and when you are nearby a bucketlist item we will let you know or even better, give you discounts!